Did I complete my Silberpfeil quiver?


Recently, I got the Auto Union Typ C #4 and a couple of weeks later, the Typ D #4. I was overjoyed to get them, because it was a looooong while since I last got a Silver Arrow. However, that got me thinking and prompted some research.

Do I now have all the Golden Age Grand Prix Silberpfeile 🤔?

If so, the Silver Arrow wing of the Garage is complete. I think probably many would consider that as a good thing. On the other hand, that also means I don’t have any new Silberpfeil to look forward to 😕. And since I’m more a find-happiness-along-the-way type of person than a completist that is a bit sad…

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New 1:18 917K from Amalgam

Thankfully it’s 1:18, therefor too big for the W-143 Garage. Because it’s EXPENSIVE – US$ 1300,00 (Classic Driver) 😲😲😲. Ultimately, however, it’s g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! Though I’m not a big fan of weathered models, for a jewel of this caliber I would easily open an exception.

Amalgam will only make 100 models of the 1970 Daytona winner 917K, so don’t wait too long to go after yours.

Can my diecast models rot?

I know it sounds weird, but yes, a metal can rot. Literally fall to pieces. The process is not exactly rare and it’s something that can happen to diecast models. It will occur with time and there’s NOTHING you can do about it. This phenomenon is popularly known as zamac rot and unfortunately it can happen to some models.

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Transforming something filthy into something nice

Ever been through this? You find a nice model for a good price. A model that you wanted and that’s not exactly common. The price is (very!) good and when you ask the seller, he says that the model is “in perfect conditions” – a true collector’s item. And since the seller has good feedback you hit the BIN button.

Well, that story did not have a happy ending when I got the model 😡. In the end, however, I think I came out on top. How? Read here.

Art Cars. What?

Once in a while (not often enough, in my opinion) I review an “art car”. In fact, I even started designating them with an emoticon in the car lists. But what exactly is an art car? A car immortalized in a famous painting? Or something Uber sends you if you say you’re attending a vernissage?

Not exactly. But if you have five minutes you can find out here.

And happy New Year! 👍

When you have to eat crow…

NO, no, no, not me. I usually think twice before talking trash, specially if what I say can be saved for later. After all, who likes to taste the humble pie?

The project in question took me about a week to get done, between getting the materials and the actual work. And I have to say the end result was pretty neat, to the point that I had to make a second one for myself. But as you see above, even not knowing what it was, the ogre was (as always) talking trash.

When you don’t keep your mouth shut, there’s a possibility that you will have to eat the proverbial crow. So this delicacy goes to a stubborn ogre friend that still hasn’t realized that sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

Feet, beak AND feathers. I’m sure he will let me know how it tasted.

Oh well, let’s see if the bonehead learned the lesson… And more importantly, enjoys the Christmas present 🙂