When Mercedes built flying cars

Yes, in 1999 Mercedes-Benz built a flying car for Le Mans. Well, in all honesty I don’t think they specifically made a wingless airplane, but that CLR took flight. Despite the horrific (and absurd) crash, Peter Dumbreck walked away unscathed, a proof of Mercedes ruggedness. Though maybe they should consider a built-in parachute.

PS: That was the second CLR to reach for the clouds at La Sarthe. During practice on the Friday of the race Mark Weber flipped car #4 🛫.

Ford GT: The Return to Le Mans

A couple of months ago Ford released in their YouTube channel the documentary “Ford GT: The Return to Le Mans”. In almost 80 minutes they talk about the whole project, from the original GT40 to the new GT project. And just as cool, you can see a lot of race backstage.

For a race fan this is a real treat, to the point that I downloaded it to watch on a big screen TV. And one last thing: guess what will be the next model review here at W-143? 😎

Le Mans 1955 – CG animation

The French “Le Mans 1955”, directed by Quentin Baillieux , is a CG animation was released last year. This year it won a few awards and was nominated for quite a bunch more.

The film, about the 1955 Le Mans crash is narrated from the perspective of John Finch, Pierre Levegh’s co-driver. Though the film takes a lot of artistic liberty in terms of historical facts, it shows a view that I for one never had of the accident. The animation style is quite dramatic, but I think it works well to show the tragic event.

FORD v FERRARI, the motion picture

Released as Le Mans 1966 in Europe, I watched it last Friday. I was looking forward to seeing it, but I confess I didn’t have great expectations. However, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Both Christian Bale and Matt Damon work fantastically, and the really important part (= cars & races, of course) was very well recreated. In terms of historical accuracy there are some few things wrong as expected, but nothing that gets my panties in a (tight) bunch.

The only part that was a bit off in my eyes was Damon’s Shelby. I really doubt Hollywood would portrait him differently, but from what I know of him, in the film he’s too-much-adorable.

Still, even with these small issues, I had a very enjoyable two hours in the cinema. And yes, I need a Miles’ car now.

When station wagons are cool

Admittedly, I’m a coupe kind of guy. Or perhaps, also a sedan kind of guy. And I abhor SUVs and the likes. If you don’t have to haul a whole bunch of people, you don’t need a small bus. So basically, for me a proper car is a coupe or sedan (or maybe a fastback/hatchback). Station wagons, on the other hand, are kind of a gray zone. I don’t dislike them, but I’m not a great fan either. However, I would be open to an Audi RS4 (or a Volvo 850), without the need for much persuasion.

Audi just released the new RS6 Advant, and the thing is phenomenal. And to launch the car they made a very nice commercial showing a bit of the car’s pedigree.

I would also accept that one too, thank you.

PS: If you’re wondering, the soundtrack is “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid.

The story behind Ferrari’s last win at Le Mans

VINWiki brings up another cool car story. After their piece on the Whittington brother’s win in 1979 (as told by John Ficarra), I’m always stopping by their YouTube channel. This time John tells the tale about the 1965 Le Mans race. I’ve read about this story before, but he provides a LOT more detail on the whys and hows. Trust me, if you’re a Le Mans nut it will be a very well spent 20 minutes.

The bad part is that I don’t have the 1965 250 LM #21 in the W-143 Garage.
And now I need it.