24h Le Mans Virtual

Though I REALLY enjoy racing games, I have to admit that watching virtual racing is kind of weird…🤨 Well, I also don’t have much fun watching others playing if I’m not playing also, so maybe it’s just that. Nonetheless, with nothing better to do and nothing else race-related to watch at the moment, maybe this will be nice. Moreover, the graphics are as gorgeous as what I see with Forza 7 on my X Box System S, and it will be interesting to see Montoya against Verstappen…

It’s live now, so yes, I’ll take a peak 😄

Bob Bondurant and the Ford × Ferrari Wars

Yesterday morning, at 88 years old, Bob Bondurant left us 😥. Undoubtedly one of the greats, up there with Moss, Hill, Gurney and Stewart. In my opinion, his greatest feat was his participation in the so-called Ford × Ferrari Wars. Before Henry Ford II wanted to personally kick Enzo Ferrari’s ass with the GT40, the battle was between the Shelby Daytona Coupe and the Ferrari 250. In the end of the 1965 season, while Ferrari earned 71.3 points, Shelby/Ford took home 90 points, and the title for the 1965 International Championship for GT Manufacturers.

That title only came because of the efforts of Bob Bondurant 🏁.

Toyota didn’t disappoint

Fantastic race! While Toyota’s win was more than expected, the race was thrilling. Though it was (almost) smooth sailing in the Hypercar class, there was a lot of drama throughout the other classes. Culminating with the leader of LMP2 coming in just seven-tenths of a second ahead of second place! Moreover, all five hypercar cars finished the race, so things look very promising for the future.

Peugeot 9X8

Today Peugeot officially revealed their new hypercar, the 9X8. The French manufacturer didn’t offer much in terms of specs, however the new 9X8 will be hybrid. The rear wheels are powered by a 2.6-liter V6, with 680 hp (500 kW), while the front wheels will be powered by a 200 kW electric motor. Perhaps the most striking characteristic of the new car is that it doesn’t have a rear wing (!). Hopefully we will see the new beast at La Sarthe in 2022.

Model customization at its finest

Frenchman Steph mods and customizes models for a living. I wasn’t aware of his work until I saw him featured at Petrolicious, and it’s nothing short of fantastic. From what I understood he works with all scales, big or small. I’ve been known to mod a model or two, but different than mine, Steph’s model actually looks (VERY!) good 😁.