F1 in the 60s

Since I’m not a parade aficionado, I’m not the greatest fan of F1 😂. God, those races are boring – there’s more excitement off the track than during the race. Yet, it wasn’t always like this. Up to the 70s (80s?), things were way more thrilling. For instance, look at the current Grand Master Parade, the Monaco GP. Thrilling as paint drying nowadays, in the 60s it was awesome. Up above you can see this, and in 4K. The only issue is that the video is dubbed, with car sounds added in post-production (the original movie was like this). And due to the remasterization, some parts of the shot are shaky. Even so, a delightful 10 minutes, proving that F1 is not always bad. Or better saying, was once cool 😕.

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