Upgrading models

We collectors, sooner or later, will find a model that is better than the one we currently have. So what do we do? We “upgrade”. That means we buy the better and improved model to take the place of our older and inferior one. The idea is logical, however it’s not something you should do regularly. Why? Because you’re wasting money. Over here I wrote a short essay on why you should try to avoid it. Well, unless you have really DEEP pockets 🤑.

Buggers, I forgot!

This Monday was W-143’s third anniversary 🍻! I first uploaded a page (“About W-143”) here on June 14th 2018, at 4:13am to be more precise. I worked on the site throughout the previous night, and was eager to get things rolling. Despite the god-awful time, I was ecstatic to finally see W-143 online. On that same June 14th, later on in the afternoon, I also published my first post here. About six (!!) new models that my dear friend Gary Blythe had helped me get…😥 Back then, most of my reviews were published at Scale 143, and for the next couple of weeks I had a bear of a time “translating” that material to the format I use here. Boy, that was a lot of work (almost 200 reviews!), but good times.

It has been a long road this three years. Heck, we even went through a pandemic! Nonetheless, a very gratifying road for me. I can only hope to have many more June 14ths to celebrate. And I also hope to next time not forget the date 🙄.