Lauda × Hunt: 1976 F1 Season

I’m probably correct to assume that everyone who has an interest in motorsports in general has seen the film “Rush”. I also believe that very possibly, the film was inspired by the convoluted 1976 F1 season. It’s a very colorful story and Aidan Millward very competently resumed it in his YouTube channel. Though actual events diverge some (a lot?) from what the film shows, in essence it’s a VERY good film. In fact, I l-o-v-e it, and kick myself for not getting a Blu-ray copy when it was easily available 😫.

If you enjoyed the film, check out Aidan Millward’s very nice resume of what happened during the 1976 season.

Le Mans, 1968

Another Le Mans video, this time from the 1968 race. It’s narrated in English and no music (well, just a little of elevator music, at least). Very good footage of the whole race, and the best coverage of the “Le Mans start” I’ve seen yet. Interesting to see how Porsche 908 #34 takes off with the door open, that is slammed shut by the wind. Wanna bet that Joe Buzzetta (or Scooter Patrick) went off WITHOUT seat belts fastened 😲?

McLaren at La Sarthe

Edgard, my good friend (and stinker), sent me this link a few weeks ago and though I bookmarked it, unfortunately I forgot about it. My bad, because it’s 40 minutes of pure gearhead bliss. McLaren released this video in the 90s, where they show a lot of the development behind the Mac F1 and their attempt at Le Mans.

Even if you’re not a Mac F1 fan boy it’s cool to see 😎.

1962 Monaco Grand Prix

Stumbled upon this short film last night. The big deal is that it’s high quality footage, so the image is really good for something shot in the 60s. It’s almost seven minutes of very enjoyable old-school racing. In fact, if not for the helicopter shots instead of drone footage you could almost think this is current footage of a vintage racing event.

Who were the garagisti?

On my ramblings throughout W-143, you will read the term garagisti quite a few times. The term means “mechanics” in Italian (singular garagista = mechanic). Sure, a mechanic is a professional certainly related to Le Mans and motorsports. But despite the apparently simple translation, that can’t be all there is to it. So who were the garagisti in reality?

Clickty click here and you will find out.


24 Heures du Mans 2019 – highlights

On the 15th I posted that ACO released their “official movie” about the 2019 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The film was a condensed 1h20m of the whole race, with all the highlights. Unfortunately though, today (17th) I looked and ACO or someone else pulled the video from YT 😖. I fortunately downloaded it to watch on a TV, but those who didn’t are out of luck. What you can see is the highlights of the race (above), just 11 minutes, but better than nothing, right?

Boogers 😕.