Toyota didn’t disappoint

Fantastic race! While Toyota’s win was more than expected, the race was thrilling. Though it was (almost) smooth sailing in the Hypercar class, there was a lot of drama throughout the other classes. Culminating with the leader of LMP2 coming in just seven-tenths of a second ahead of second place! Moreover, all five hypercar cars finished the race, so things look very promising for the future.

The tools of the trade

In theory, as long as you have available space (and money!), you don’t need anything else to collect 1:43 cars. However, after you get serious about the hobby, maybe you should put together a toolbox. There are a few items that definitively will make your life easier. Not many, and everything cheap and easy to find.

To find out what you need, clickety-click HERE.

The bulls will run at La Sarthe

According to Jalopnik, Lamborghini will have a car in LMDh. Therefore, there finally may be a Raging Bull racing as a factory effort at Le Mans! Looks like it will use the same chassis and engine as Porsche and Audi (built by Multimac), however with different bodies, of course.

In June I was bemoaning about Lamborghini NOT having a race heritage. So, will the cars from Sant’Agata Bolognese finally become born-and-bread racers?
Hope so.