EQ Silver Arrow

So far I’m not a great fan of electric cars, but I confess this looks really good:

According to Mercedes-Benz, the Silver Arrow EQ is a homage to the 1938 W125 Stromlinie. However, in my eyes it looks a LOT like Mercedes’ arch-rival at the time, the Auto Union Typ C Stromlinienwagon. Independent of which car is the homage for, the fact is the car looks great.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the prototype at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this week, and there’s a short video showing the car here.

Definitively a model I would like to add to the W143 garage.

“Le Mans” crash

Without a doubt, I’m here today because of Steve McQueen’s “Le Mans”. I think I first watched it in 1976 or 77, and the film really marked me. It’s the sole reason why I love so much the 917K and why I like Porsches in general. And the same reason why Ferrari will never be my favorite brand – the 512S was not the “hero car” .

Mostly filmed during the 1970 Le Mans race and released in 1971, you just can’t compare the quality of the film to something modern. But back then, Michael Delaney’s crash really impressed the kid that I was:

Now I know that my beloved 917K was not harmed, since they used a Lola T70 GT Mk. III disguised as Delaney’s Porsche. Seems like even back then a 917K was much more expensive then a T70. But that film was what got me interested in race cars and Le Mans in general.

Think I’ll have to watch it again

Project Gold

I don’t like gold cars. Heck, I don’t like gold in general. I always thought gold stuff looked tacky. So  a golden 911? Heck no! Never!

Until I saw this…

Porsche created a brand new 993 Turbo S, with air-cooled boxer and all (it’s called Project Gold). It’ll be the only one, and I have to say it looks g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. Goldy gorgeous. Now let’s just hope Spark or Minichamps recreate it in 1:43.

The new Aventador: SVJ


Lamborghini officially revealed the new Aventador SVJ today. The 1525 kg beast is powered by  a 770 hp V12 – it goes from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and topples 350 km/h. That’s good enough to be the new record holder at Nürburgring.


I have to say it looks pretty good! Specially in that loud green. So this is a model that I definitively would like to add to the W163 garage.