Transforming something filthy into something nice

Ever been through this? You find a nice model for a good price. A model that you wanted and that’s not exactly common. The price is (very!) good and when you ask the seller, he says that the model is “in perfect conditions” – a true collector’s item. And since the seller has good feedback you hit the BIN button.

Well, that story did not have a happy ending when I got the model 😡. In the end, however, I think I came out on top. How? Read here.

Mercedes-Benz Classic workshop

Mercedes has a HUGE (and fantastic!) museum at Stuttgart. The museum counts with around 1100 cars, and for a gearhead it’s basically paradise. And to maintain all those cars, they have a team of highly specialized technicians and mechanics exclusively dedicated to the museum’s cars. Last Tuesday Petrolicious aired a very nice article about the museum’s workshop.

Interestingly though, the director of Mercedes-Benz Classic recounted the story about why the paint was scraped off the W25 to get the car at the maximum 750 kg limit. However, that’s a confirmed fairy tale made up by Alfred Neubauer in his autobiography. Nothing against a little embellishing of an historical event, but I would expect that the head of such an endeavor as the Mercedes-Benz Classic department would be more factual.

Fairy tales aside, Petrolicious’ article (full of photos!!) is a treat.

Who were the garagisti?

On my ramblings throughout W-143, you will read the term garagisti quite a few times. The term means “mechanics” in Italian (singular garagista = mechanic). Sure, a mechanic is a professional certainly related to Le Mans and motorsports. But despite the apparently simple translation, that can’t be all there is to it. So who were the garagisti in reality?

Clickty click here and you will find out.


24 Heures du Mans 2019 – highlights

On the 15th I posted that ACO released their “official movie” about the 2019 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The film was a condensed 1h20m of the whole race, with all the highlights. Unfortunately though, today (17th) I looked and ACO or someone else pulled the video from YT 😖. I fortunately downloaded it to watch on a TV, but those who didn’t are out of luck. What you can see is the highlights of the race (above), just 11 minutes, but better than nothing, right?

Boogers 😕.