Porsche at Le Mans – 1971

Unfortunately only in German, but if you’re a 917 nut like me, and manage 13 minutes of spare time, watch it. It’s totally worth it! I was blown away by the amount of fabrication that they did in the pits. At one moment you can see the JWA team fitting a nose to the car by adding fiberglass – so it was not just a bolt-on job.

After watching the 2019 race, it’s really bizarre to see how things were done back then.

And Toyota does it again!

Car #8 crossed the finish line in 1st, giving Toyota its second overall win. Not that there was much doubt about who would win, but there still was quite a lot of drama in the last hour of the race, between Toyota’s #7 and #8. All because the pit crew changed the WRONG TIRE on (at the time) leading #7. But that folks, is why Le Mans is so awesome 🙂

All in all, a TERRIFIC race, specially because of the battles between GTE-Pro cars (and Am too).

24 Heures du Mans 2019

The FIRST art cars in LMP1!

It’s about to kick off in about an hour and a half! So, will it be another win for Toyota? Their cars are starting on pole. I’m just disappointed that they won’t have any competition from the other big dogs, so unless they have some really bad luck, cars #7 or #8 will finish in first. So I’m secretly routing for the underdogs. What I think will be the best fight to watch will be GTE-Pro and Am. Some beautiful cars this year (and a few boring ones too), and if we get good fights, this could be an awesome race.