Le Mans + Nürburgring

Last year, around April when this bloody pandemic was becoming serious for us here, I found this video on Porsche’s YouTube channel. It seemed to be pretty good, so I downloaded it to watch on a big screen. I saved the file to my “Race Videos” directory and then, well, totally forgot about it 😣. Yesterday I was going over my hard drive and found it among other saved files. I ended watching it on the laptop and yes, it is awesome. And should be seen on a big screen.

In a nutshell, it’s 91 minutes on Porsche’s effort in GT racing at the 2019 Le Mans and 24 Hours of Nürburgring. Specially interesting for the Porsche fan boy however good enough for all endurance racing fans.

Chris Harris and the 962

I came upon this video and thought of sharing. The great Chris Harris interviews the legendary Norbert Singer, talking about what made the 962 so great. He even gets to take the 1987 Le Mans winner #17 out for a spin at the Weissach test track.

However, specially nice for me, was to hear Mr. Singer saying “Porsche was thinking with nearly all race cars about Le Mans”. And that my friends, is why I had to add a special section just for Porsche cars at the top of the page 😋.