Spark × Brumm: 917K

Spark × Brumm
Brumm on the left, Spark on the right.

Published 06/28/19

I recently had the opportunity to swap my Brumm 917K #20 for the Spark version. I got the Brumm because at the time Spark’s original release of the #20 was really hard to find. And, was going for absurd prices on evilBay. So when a Brumm version of the car showed up, despite my STRONG prejudice against the brand, I bought it.

Spark × Brumm

To my surprise, I got a pretty neat model. Not perfect, but very good. Honestly, I would say it was just a notch down from an older Minichamps.

Spark × Brumm

But a couple of months after I received the Brumm, Spark reissued the 917K #20. With that, you could get the model for a decent price. Since this particular 917 is a grail model to me, I bought the Spark. As expected, the Spark is better, no doubt about it. However, the Brumm is still a very nice model.

Spark × Brumm
Brumm on the left, Spark on the right.

Bottom line? If the 917K #20 was not such an important model for me, I would be more than happy with the Brumm. In fact, for the price, I wouldn’t mind getting Brumm’s #21 and #22 from the 1971 race. As I’m found of saying, in this hobby you should never buy the brand but the model. Though I might have misgivings against Brumm, in this particular Spark × Brumm case, Brumm did a FINE job.

Expensive one on the left, cheap one on the right.

So, in resume: Spark’s version is better but Brumm’s is very nice for the price.

2 thoughts on “Spark × Brumm: 917K”

  1. Nice review.

    I do the same thing. I’ve got a few models that are “placeholders” until I can get a nicer version at the right price. And I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by Brumm models on several occasions.

    1. Well, these last Brumms were a VERY good surprise in terms of detail level. Unfortunately in my experience their older models are generally rough, but these new castings are definitively better.

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