Porsche’s 20th victory at Le Mans?

That’s the idea with the new 963. Officially revealed yesterday at Goodwood, this is Porsche’s new LMDh weapon for 2023. Powered by a twin-turbo 4.6-liter V8 engine producing 671 hp, the car definitively has the looks. Let’s see if it also walks the walk and talks the talk.

Damn that looks good 🀩

Yep, Toyota did it again.

Well, a 1-2 win – not unexpected, was it? Even so, we had a Glickenhaus on the podium, which was quite nice to see. Some say that Toyota, Glickenhaus and Alpine were only “place holders” until things get really serious next year, when the “big boys” will be back. In LMP2 Jota did a great race, and this year was the last race for GTE-Pro, which was kind of sad to see. At least Ferrari didn’t win. Anything 🀣. Shame to see that no Corvette finished on the podium, though (and they started REALLY well).

In the end a nice race. The great part is that there’s just one year to go for Le Mans 2023 πŸ†.

Daytona 1970: the 917’s finest hour?

As most have surmised by now, I’m a Le Mans nut (duh). Yes, the 24 Heures du Mans is THE greatest car race of this mud ball we call Earth. No questions asked. PERIOD. However, some times, very rarely in fact, some races come very close to that title. And one such race was the 1970 24 Hours of Daytona. John Ficarra of VINwiki tells the story of how the Porsche 917 came to fame at Daytona in 1970. The video is about 16 minutes of pure joy. Watch. Now.

PS: I absolutely need to get that 917 #2 winner 🧐.

Look ma, no wing!

As promised, Peugeot’s new 9X8 does not have a rear wing. Powered by a 697-hp 2.6-liters twinturbo V6 and a 268 hp electric motor, the car will debut this July at the 6 Hours of Monza.

Sexy or what? 😍😍😍

Cadillac joins the party

Today Cadillac revealed a small teaser of their upcoming IMSA/WEC Hypercar prototype. They only showed a computer rendering and a very short film on their Instagram account. Therefor, information is so far pretty scarce. If everything goes as planned, the car, co-developed by Dallara and Cadillac Racing, will be ready for the 2023 season. Autosport has a little more to tell.

Things are looking quite bright for 2023…