Bruce Canepa’s garage

Two weeks ago, in association with the Petersen Automotive Museum, Bruce Canepa showed a video tour of his garage/collection. Though mostly specimens from Porsche, there’s basically something for everyone there, from BMW to Ford to McLaren, race and street versions. And last week he released the second part of the tour.

All in all, an hour of awesome machines that will make any gearhead drool. HIGHLY recommended 😎.

Mercedes-Benz Classic workshop

Mercedes has a HUGE (and fantastic!) museum at Stuttgart. The museum counts with around 1100 cars, and for a gearhead it’s basically paradise. And to maintain all those cars, they have a team of highly specialized technicians and mechanics exclusively dedicated to the museum’s cars. Last Tuesday Petrolicious aired a very nice article about the museum’s workshop.

Interestingly though, the director of Mercedes-Benz Classic recounted the story about why the paint was scraped off the W25 to get the car at the maximum 750 kg limit. However, that’s a confirmed fairy tale made up by Alfred Neubauer in his autobiography. Nothing against a little embellishing of an historical event, but I would expect that the head of such an endeavor as the Mercedes-Benz Classic department would be more factual.

Fairy tales aside, Petrolicious’ article (full of photos!!) is a treat.

Is Porsche thinking on getting back to prototype racing? At Le Mans?

According to, that might be a possibility. If so, Porsche is considering the new LMDh class, that supposedly should start in 2021. Nobody knows much about this new class, but basically it will allow the same car to compete both in WEC and IMSA races. Everything is on hold right now because of the pandemic, but if Porsche is actually thinking about it, maybe there’s hope for the future of endurance racing.

Group B pushed it too far

All motorsports enthusiasts (like yours truly) moan that regulatory bodies are always castrating the sport. And if it wasn’t for racing bodies, motorsports would be more fun 🙄. Well, once (just once) FIA said what the hey and essentially pulled all the stops. That’s basically how Group B came to be, and tragically, it was too much.

The video above succinctly explains what happened.