ORECA 07 #38 – Spark

2017 ORECA 07 
Pilots: H-P. Tung. T. Laurent, O. Jarvis 
Team: Jackie Chan DC Racing 
Race: 2nd overall (1st in LMP2  class) at Le Mans in 2017 
Spark - S5824 (resin)

Published 08/20/18

Former French racer Hugues de Chaunac founded ORECA (Organisation Exploitation Compétition Automobiles) in 1973. In the beginning it was exclusively a racing team, but that changed in 2007. When ORECA bought sports prototype manufacturer Courage Compétition they started to make their own cars. Their first model was the ORECA 01, a LMP1 car first raced in 2009. The company’s latest model is the ORECA 07, a car homologated for the 2017 FIA and ACO LMP2 regulations. The new car was heavily based on the ORECA 05, and used many of the 05’s components. The chassis is a carbon fiber honeycomb monocoque enveloped in a carbon fiber & Kevlar body. The engine used is the Gibson GK-428, a 4200 cm³ normally aspirated V8 that produces 603 hp. To tame the cavalry ORECA used a X-Trac six-speed sequential gearbox.

Porsche, Toyota and Audi should take a few lessons in livery creation with ORECA.

The ORECA 07 was a popular car at the 24 Heures du Mans of 2017. In the LMP2 class, seven teams used the car, in a total of 12 cars. The Chinese Jackie Chan DC Racing team was one of these teams. They fielded two ORECA 07, cars #37 (chassis #07-37) and #38 (chassis #07-38), and both did well. Jackie Chan’s cars came in first and second place in the LMP2 class, with #38 finishing in second place overall.

It’s a very complicated livery, but Spark nailed it.

Not counting the podium, what really makes the car stand out is the livery. Almost an art car livery, it looks fantastic, and Spark recreated it exemplary in scale. With such a nice livery (and great race result), this is a model that may appeal to all.

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