Buggers, I forgot!

This Monday was W-143’s third anniversary 🍻! I first uploaded a page (“About W-143”) here on June 14th 2018, at 4:13am to be more precise. I worked on the site throughout the previous night, and was eager to get things rolling. Despite the god-awful time, I was ecstatic to finally see W-143 online. On that same June 14th, later on in the afternoon, I also published my first post here. About six (!!) new models that my dear friend Gary Blythe had helped me get…😥 Back then, most of my reviews were published at Scale 143, and for the next couple of weeks I had a bear of a time “translating” that material to the format I use here. Boy, that was a lot of work (almost 200 reviews!), but good times.

It has been a long road this three years. Heck, we even went through a pandemic! Nonetheless, a very gratifying road for me. I can only hope to have many more June 14ths to celebrate. And I also hope to next time not forget the date 🙄.

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