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I have to say that compared to 2021, 2022 was a much better year. The COVID-19 pandemic was almost over and in general things got better. And in the 1:43 collecting front I think I can say it was a pretty good year. I got some nifty-good models for the W-143 Garage, even some very meaningful ones. The bad part is that my collection, as of now, has 483 cars 😲. I’m not at my limit for display space yet, however I’m getting close. So if 2023 is as “eventful” as 2022, for 2024 I may be in trouble…😣 That’s one thing I’ll have to start thinking about. Well, since 2022 is history, it’s time for what I consider the best five models I got last year. And here they are, the Top 5 models of 2022 (in chronological order):

1️⃣ The car of the worst tragedy in the history of motorsports. Nonetheless, a fantastic model that means a lot to me exactly because of it’s history.

2️⃣ This year I got into my head that I needed a Beetle in my collection. Well, though I went a little over one model, I think this set was the coolest. Yeah, yeah, it’s a set, TWO models, yet you can’t buy the two apart.

3️⃣ Being honest, I’m not sure if I like more the model or the history behind the model. Even so, Spark a-c-e-d the car in scale.

4️⃣ The coolest of the pre-war Alfas, and a model that I thought I would have to do without in the W-143 Garage.

5️⃣ I’m a HUGE 917 fanboy and also a Le Mans nut. However, The 1970 Daytona winner has possibly the coolest of all the 917 stories that I know of. And, the Spark version is very rare in 1:43.

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  1. Ciao Luciano,

    that’s a wonderful post, I like very much everyone of them but that Donohue Carrera is really something special. If you don’t mind here i am gonna share my top three acquisitions of the past year:
    Bronze medal for the Panoz Esperante GTR Q9 Hybrid which unsuccessfully took part in the pre-qualification sessions of Le Mans 1998, one of the first hybrid powertrain to race, spark made model.
    Silver medal for the #59 McLaren F1 GTR winner by TSM.
    Gold for my longtime adored tiger-tiger burning bright in the forests of la Sarthe 1998 Toyota Gt One #29, leader until the 21st hour of the race, model made by Spark.

    My intention for this coming year is to improve the early decades with some legends like the Bugatti 57g, the Walcker-Chenard and that splendid red and yellow Alfa you showed above.
    Un novo ano con muita alegria, saude et certamente novos modelos,


    1. Ciao Giovanni!
      Hope you had a great Christmas and Réveillon! And it looks like you did good in 2022! Though I would put the MacF1 in 1st (IMO TSM has THE best MacF1 in 1:43rd), however Spark’s GT-One would be a very close second. In fact, I want a GT-one bad (I only have one of the 1999 cars, though from Altaya). I think it’s one of the most beautiful cars of Le Mans. The Q9 is a VERY interesting car, yet since it didn’t actually race at La Sarthe, due to limited display space, I can’t buy it. Unfortunately I have to be selective or I’ll have trouble in the near future because of display space 😯.

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