New section added

Something that was bothering me was that my “Le Mans P-Z” page was getting too long. And that’s because I have a LOT of Porsches. Not my fault that Stuttgart’s cars are popular at La Sarthe…😋 So on top of the page I added a “Le Mans Porsche” link where you now can find all my Le Mans porkers. With that, the “Le Mans P-Z” will only be for manufacturers from P-Z other than Porsche.

To hell with Photobucket

That’s it, this was the last straw. I’ve used Photobucket for years, but after that absurd price hike they attempted in 2017, and with all the blackmailing attempts, I went to Flickr. Flickr is a pretty neat photo hosting service, but the fact that they scramble file names after you load them makes manually writing a photo address impossible. And, they’re photo browser stinks, it’s too convoluted to manage your photos.

But then PB reconsidered their stance and things seemed to go back to normal, so in 2018 I went back. Still, there was a LOT of downtime last year. However, for the last month or so, every single time I log on, I get an annoying message that I’m over my bandwidth quota. And if I don’t upgrade my account they’ll shut me down. According to my account data, I’m using about 80% of my bandwidth, so this sounds like they’re trying to bully me to upgrade. And as the cherry on top of the cake, today their servers have been down all day long.

So that’s it, I’m done. SCREW PHOTOBUCKET. I’m migrating all my photos elsewhere and this is the last time they see my money.

Face lift!

A couple of days ago WordPress decided to do an upgrade on their software. Oh yes, upgrades are always nice, right? Well, they also upgraded their editor, so that meant a change to the layout. Nothing big, but I spent at least some 4 hours changing stuff to the new layout.

Looks like things are working alright, and I have to admit it did clean up a bit the looks of the pages. But I can’t insert an image (emoticon) inside a text anymore, so there was a trade off.

Almost there

WIP Slowly things are shaping up, but it’s a WIP. With the migration to the new domain, I lost some of the layout possibilities that I had before. For instance, I can’t get my recent pages to show on the side column . Or better, I can, but only ALL of them, not only the new stuff.

So for now I’m using the lame-ass solution of making a post every time I upload a new review. Since I can display recent posts, it will work as the “New Reviews” section that I had before. What will take a while to fix are the internal links (link inside my pages to my other pages here at W-143).

But eventually I’ll get there