The good, the bad and the best


Published 01/21/22

I decided to write this when I got my latest 550 Maranello. Though I have done comparos before, I thought this one would be different. For the first time I have (in theory, at least) three tiers of the same model. Well, almost the same model. I have a bad one (pw), a good one (Ixo) and theoretically the best one (BBR). Though they are models of the same chassis, the BBR is from the 2004 race, while both the Ixo and pw are from the 2006 race. Even so, I’m confident you can have a good idea of how the models compare to each other.

Ixo, in a lighter tone of red.
The 2006 #66 from BBR.
PW, in a darker tone of red.

First things first: size. From the first photo up above, you can see all three have different dimensions. Therefore, all three are from different molds. The BBR is the widest, while both the Ixo and pw are narrower. In real life the 550 GTS is 4,550 mm long and 1,990 mm wide, with 2500 mm of wheelbase. That being the case, in 1:43rd it should have 105.8 mm × 46.3 mm, with 58.1 mm of wheelbase.

The Ixo has a nice rear, with crisp details.
On the BBR, however, the rear looks too fat.
The pw is almost as nice as the Ixo, but the wrong tone of red kills it.

Since what really caught my eye between the three was their size, out comes my calipers. And a ruler. The wheelbase was easy to measure. However, I didn’t have a clue to where measure the width. So I measured at the doors, right behind the side mirrors. As for length, I measured from bumper to bumper, excluding the rear spoiler and front lip. This is what I found:

Converting that to the “real world” (multiplying that by 43), I got interesting results. The Ixo would be 4313 mm × 1922 mm, with a wheelbase of 2520 mm. The BBR, 4326 mm × 2017 mm, with 2533 mm of wheelbase. While the pw would be 4317 mm × 1926 mm, with a wheelbase of 2585 mm.

From the front you have the same impression as from the rear. Here, on the Ixo, the model looks very nice.
Though detail level is crispier on the BBR, it looks too fat in my eyes.
On the other hand, the pw has a MUCH cruder detail level.

If my measurements are close, none are 100% correct to scale, in any dimension. However, in my eyes the BBR looks a bit too wide for its length – it looks disproportionate. Both the Ixo and the pw seem to have more harmony between length and width. Look again at the first photo – it looks kind of bloated. Interestingly, if you transform the “real world” results of both the Ixo and pw, you will see that they are a speck smaller than 1:43. Nonetheless, though slightly smaller (~1:42.9 or 1:42.8) they look more proportional.

Though the wing struts are too thick on the Ixo, other details, like aerials, are great.
The BBR has the best details all around, hands down.
Terrible wheels, aerial(s) and wing. It is easy to see why the pw only costs peanuts.

Nonetheless, dimensions are not everything in a model. Well, they are a BIG part (the most important?), though there are other details to consider. For instance, look at the tone of red of the three models. The pw is totally off, with the almost-maroon tone of red. Ixo almost got it right, and BBR nailed the “Ferrari red”. Furthermore, look at the wing struts – BBR, once again, nailed it. Yet, they’re awfully thick on the pw and almost as bad on the Ixo. And, of course, compare wheels, aerials and tires of all three.

I doubt my measurements were perfect, but I’m confident they will give a decent idea of proportions.

So, which one is the good, the bad and the best? No doubt the pw is the worst. Though dirt cheap, it’s just too crude. Therefore, the dispute is between the Ixo and BBR. For my tastes, at least, the cake goes to Ixo. Overall detail level is better on the BBR, however it’s proportions makes it look a bit off. Moreover, it is (usually) absurdly expensive, while you can find an Ixo for a very good price. In conclusion, like I discussed here and here (and specifically here), sometimes a higher price tag does not equate to the best model.

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