Minichamps × CMR: an upgrade?

I had the CMR version of the Hippie Porsche, and specially after getting the missing Martini decals, I was happy with it. Well, the decal job was NOT stellar, but I was happy with the model. Last month I came upon the Minichamps version of the car, and a Minichamps is always better than a CMR… Right?

Well, about that… Take a look HERE.

Coming to a WEC race in 2020…

Photo courtesy of FlatOut!

The new Corvette C8.R. It will substitute the current C7.R both in IMSA’s GTLM class and ACO’s LMGTE Pro. At least from here I see a lot of Ferrari in that car (almost can’t see Corvette in there), but the car looks fantastic. And now being a mid-engined beast it will sure spice up the competition.

So as I said in an earlier post, the 2020 WEC season, if nothing else, will look great.

Want to own a BRAND NEW Bentley Blower?

Earlier this year Bentley Motors completed 100 years. And among the commemorative editions of their current cars, they will also release something vintage. And I mean really vintage. Twelve lucky (and wealthy) customers will be owners of a brand new 4½ Litre Team Blower. The cars will be built with “a mixture of cutting-edge technology and traditional construction methods” to make them as close to the original ones as possible. The engine will be a perfect replica of the original 4.4 l inline-4, and of course with the Amherst Villiers Mk IV roots-type supercharger.

The construction of the 12 cars will start later this year, and is expected to take two years for all to be completed. So there’s still time to get the piggy bank out…

If nothing else, the 20/21 season of WEC will look GOOD

Yesterday Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus showed renderings for their new SCG007. The SCG007 is James Glickenhaus’ new car for the Hypercar class of the WEC. Not much has been reveled about the new car, other than it will be powered by a biturbo V6 and that it will not be an hybrid.

Differently from what was expected, SCG’s hypercar is not based on the SCG003, being totally new. The new 007 looks a bit like the 330P4, and has a definite 60’s vibe to it. In principle the new hypercars will be a bit slower than current LMP2 cars, but if they’re all gorgeous like this, who cares?

More photos (renderings) at SCG.