The Bloodhound is getting faster!

The Bloodhound LSR is undergoing test runs at the Hakskeenpan desert track in South Africa. Yesterday it reached 537 km/h for the first time – it went from from 80 km/h to 480 km/h in 13 seconds! The testing has to be done incrementally, so it will take a while for the Bloodhound to get to it’s top speed. And since the current LSR is at 760 km/h, it still has a way to go before it becomes the new King of Speed.

If you want to read more, head to the Bloodhound LSR page. They’re always updating with news of the project.

A new LSR

On September 15th, the Turbinator II achieved 777 km/h at the Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah, USA. Though the car is wheel-driven, its powered by a Lycoming 255, a turbojet engine. Originally used in the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter, it produces 4360 hp that are directly transmitted to Turbinator’s four wheels.

Below you can see the record run through four different cameras:

Impressive to say the least .