Auto Union Typ C Stromlinie (test car) – Brumm

1937 Typ C
1937 Auto Union Typ C Stromlinie (test car)
Pilot: Bernd Rosemeyer
Team: Auto Union
Race: 1937 land speed record attempt
Brumm - R352B (diecast)

Published 11/20/18

Auto Union Typ C Stromlinie #31 (03/30/18):
The 1937 Typ C Stromlinie was built specifically for AVUS (and with a little more panels, for record breaking too). The engine, placed behind the cockpit, was a V16 with 6006 cm³ of displacement and 32 valves with SOHC. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, it was fairly complex for the time. Supercharged by a Roots-type supercharger, it could produce up to 560 hp (520 hp in race trim). To maximize aerodynamics, the body totally enclosed the chassis. There were cut-outs over the wheels so that the pilot could see how the tires were holding up.

1937 Typ C
The coolest of the Stromlinie.

The VI Internationales AVUS Rennen happened on May 30th, 1937. Even though it didn’t fare well, the 1937 Typ C Stromlinie proved to be fast. So Auto Union decided to use basically the same car for a LSR attempt. At the end of October, on the Frankfurt/Main Autobahn, the Rekordwoche (“record week”) would take place. German authorities closed a section of that highway so that both Mercedes and Auto Union could do LSR attempts. Auto Union used the same car used in the AVUS race, but with a closed cockpit and totally closed wheels. Bernd Rosemeyer was the pilot, and did a few test runs in this configuration. After these tests, the engineers found out that the closed cockpit was adding drag. So for the actual record attempt  (32” film) Rosemeyer piloted the car with an open cockpit.

1937 Typ C
The last two LSR cars that Rosemeyer piloted.

On October 25th, 1937, Bernd Rosemeyer was the first man to drive at 406.3 km/h on a public road. That was a new Class B (5 to 6 l engines) international LSR. This is the test car, with the closed cockpit. Made by Brumm, I have to admit it impressed me. Since my only other model from them is a real turd, I was pretty worried. But fortunately, in the case of this 1937 Typ C, they aced it. Well, it’s a pretty simple model, with few details, but still, it looks VERY good. Not as refined as Minichamps’ cars, but good enough. Since they also offer the actual record car, with opened cockpit, this will not be my last Stromlinienwagen.

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