Going to Germany?

I just added the Automuseum Protyp Hamburg to my bucket list of places to visit in Germany. From their page:

Since 2008, Automuseum PROTOTYP presents on approx. 2,500 m² rare sports and racing cars from 70 years of automotive history. On display in the carefully modernized factory building are prototypes – well, but not only prototypes. Also, the museum looks at itself as a “prototype” for the concept of the exhibition which is experience-oriented, interactive and multimedia. To allow a sensitive look, the valuable cars are displayed without barrage.

The German term “Personen. Kraft. Wagen.” (English: Persons. Power. Cars.) is associated with the common German abbreviation “PKW” for a passenger car and thus creating the well chosen motto of the museum, as it not only presents seldom historic vehicles, but also gives an interesting insight into the lives of those Persons who made the automobile sport great. Another issue is the Power (in German “Kraft”), be it as the power of the engines, as the creativity of the designs or as the desire to win a race. The Cars (in German “Wagen”) on display – from self-built cars of the early post-war period to prototypes of modern Formula 1 cars – give an impression of the fascination of this subject in different facets.

More information HERE.

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