Porsche 907 LH #67 – Spark

907 #67
1968 Porsche 907 LH
Pilots: H. Linge, R. Buchet
Team:  Philippe Farjon
Race: DNF (P 3.0) at Le Mans in 1968
Spark - S3499 (resin)

Published 06/12/20

Porsche 907 test car (11/29/19):
Starting in the early 1960’s, Porsche began to release a succession of race cars. The interesting bit about this was that they introduced the new model while the older one was still competitive. Thus, the cars had a lot in common. The 907 was one of these models. It was released in early 1967, right after it’s “predecessor”, the 910. So the 907 used the same tubular chassis and running gear of the 910. However, it sported a longer fiberglass body, specifically tailored to endurance racing. The engine was a boxer-6 with 1991 cm³, with SOHC and 12 valves. Power output was over 200 hp, and for a 600 kg car it was enough. And if we’re talking about endurance racing, we’re talking about Le Mans.

907 #67
You can camp below that overhang…

In the 24 Heures du Mans of 1967 Porsche had a diverse fleet. Thus, their works team counted on the 906, 907 and 910. They had two 907 LH, cars #40 and #41. Car #40 abandoned on the 103rd lap with a busted camshaft and the #41 managed a fifth place overall finish. Not a bad race for Porsche, since among the three models they scored fifth, sixth and seventh places. And for 1968 the 907 LH was back at La Sarthe. However, the Porsche works team used the new 908 LH, while the 907 LH were in the hands of privateers. But to increase the manufacturer’s overall chances, they upgraded the 907’s engine to the Typ 771/1. The new engine was a flat-8 displacing 2196 cm³, more powerful than the previous 2 liters boxer-6.

Chassis #907-001 (test car) and #907-006 (907 LH #67) .

The Philippe Farjon team was one of the privateer teams with the upgraded 907 LH. Their only car was 907 LH #67, conducted by Herbert Linge and Robert Buchet. Unfortunately 907 LH #67 had a problem with its starter motor and had to abandon on the 102nd lap. Though with a far from a great race result, in 1:43 the model is smashing. With their typical outstanding attention to detail, Spark made a winner. And this model in particular has something even better going for it. It was a gift from my dear friend, Stinking Edgard (the Earl of Northumberland) 🐲. Once again I get a FANTASTIC gift from the Earl.

Thanks bud! 🥂

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  1. A very nice model , I have the #66 Squadra Tartaruga car that won the class. I hear the Earl is not only a good guy but a handsome chap too .

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