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1967 Porsche 907 test car
Ebbro - 44299 (resin) 

Published 11/29/19

Starting in the early 1960’s, Porsche began to release a succession of race cars. The interesting bit about this was that they introduced the new model while the older one was still competitive. Thus, the cars had a lot in common. The 907 was one of these models. It was released in early 1967, right after it’s “predecessor”, the 910. So the 907 used the same tubular chassis and running gear of the 910. However, it sported a longer fiberglass body, specifically tailored to endurance racing. The engine was a boxer-6 with 1991 cm³, with SOHC and 12 valves. Power output was over 200 hp, and for a  600 kg car it was enough. And if we’re talking about endurance racing, we’re talking about Le Mans.

Talk about loooooong tails…

The test session for the 1967 Le Mans race occured on April 4th. Porsche’s factory team had two cars in the test session, #907-001 (#40) and #907-002 (#41). Piloting 907 #40 were the German duo Gerhard Mitter and Herbert Linge (yes, that Linge), both factory pilots. The Le Mans test session was a sort of shakedown session for the car, and by the end Porsche was happy. However, though 907 #40 managed a 20th place in the test session, it did not race in June. Instead, on the start line were #907-003 and #907-004, that respectively DNF and finished in fifth place.

A fantastic model by Ebbro, no doubt.

This was a total chance buy. I wasn’t looking for this model – being honest, I wasn’t even aware of it. But out of the blue I found it locally for a good price. Since I don’t have no 907 in the W-143 Garage, and it’s a test car, what the hey… Even though it’s race history is very limited, it’s a fine model by Ebbro. In fact, Ebbro also offers the other 907 used that day (#41 – #907-002). So if you’re a huge fan of the 907 you can have them both. For me, at least, just one is enough. Though I do need a race version…

PS: I almost forgot to comment. To my surprise, contrary to all my other Ebbro models, this is a resin model, not diecast. For me that’s not good nor bad, what counts is the model per se. Even so, this is a VERY nice model – and I mean 917K test car-nice.

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