Porsche 908 LH #23 – Ebbro

1969 Porsche 908 LH
Pilots: G. Mitter, U. Schütz
Team: Porsche System Engineering
Race: DNF (Proto 3.0 class) at Le Mans in 1969
Ebbro - 43741 (diecast)

Published 06/09/17

Designed by Ferdinand Piech, the 908 debuted in 1968. It would replace the 907 in accordance to the new Group 6’s rule of a maximum displacement of 3 l. Porsche developed an engine that was very close to that limit, at 2997 cm³, and was a fuel-injected air-cooled 16-valve flat-8 with DOHC capable of 350 hp.

908 LH #23
At La Sarthe ACO forced Porsche to keep those rear wings in a fixed position.

However, even though the engine was reliable, the car was very difficult to drive. Faulty aerodynamics made it have a tendency to weave around when close to 350 km/h . Brian Redman famously summed up his feelings for the car, saying “It scared me stupid”. Car 908 LH #23 here is chassis #908-030. Though it was doing a good race, it retired because of an accident in the 199th lap. Porsche did not have a good race that day. Their best result was with Larrousse and Hermann’s 908 LH #64 that came in second.

908 LH #23
The 908 was the first “Langheck”.

One more car from Ebbro and a really nice one. In fact, if Spark is basically the best (affordable) top brand with their resin models, I think Ebbro could occupy second place. Older molds from the brand were a little less well detailed, but these new ones have a fantastic bang-for-the-buck. Basically, I would say that they’re as good as a current Ixo. The 908 LH #23 here is one of theses new ones. Not the best (compared to Spark), but with a terrific value.

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  1. pai esse foi o carro que ganhou naquela corrida que voce me mostrou do numero 23 sim ou nao me responda pai

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