Modeler Michael Paul Smith passes away

Anyone remotely interested in scale cars and dioramas has seen Michael Paul Smith’s photos. He’s basically synonymous to scale car dioramas, and his models, dioramas and photography were absolutely gorgeous.

He passed away on November 19th, and many say he has finally moved to Elgin Park.

He will be missed.


2 thoughts on “Modeler Michael Paul Smith passes away”

  1. I have enjoyed his work and his talent immensely over the years. One thing that always stood out to me in his photos was that there were no people. Always seemed a bit errie, maybe more so now that he is gone. Are the residents of Elgin Park there but like ghosts, just can’t be seen? He will be missed.

    1. Yeah, his shots always seemed melancholic, lonely, as if they represented a moment of sorrow. I always wondered why he made them so, but I was not aware of his personal struggles. Now I can understand why. He will undoubtedly be missed :(.

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