Porsche takes back the Nürburgring crown

In September last year, a factory stock Porsche GT2 RS established a new lap record at the Ring, doing the Nordschleif in 6:47,25.  But in July this year, a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ did the lap in 6:44,97. So Porsche lost the crown…

However, the Aventador SVJ that did the lap had a full roll cage. The car does NOT have a full cage when it comes out of the factory and it’s NOT an optional .  So maybe (once again!), Lamborghini didn’t use a stock car.

Instead of criticizing Lamborghini for their faux pas, this week Porsche went back to Nürburgring. This time however with a special GT2. They used the GT2 RS MR, that was prepared by Manthey Racing, a racing team/company owned (51%) by Porsche. Manthey didn’t change much in the stock car, basically added a water tank to better cool down the fuel injection system, upgraded the breaks and added a few aerodynamic aids. The engine and suspension weren’t touched.

The result was a lap done in 6:40,33:

I’m not 100% sure if the GT2 RS MR can be considered a “stock” car, though I bet the Sant’Agata crowd would swear by it, if it was a Lambo . Independent of my opinion, it’s now the new Ring King.

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