Porsche 914/6 GT #40 – Minichamps

1970 Porsche 914/6 GT #40 
Pilots: C. Ballot-Léna, G. Chasseuil
Team: Etablissement Sonauto
Race: 6th GC (1st GT 2.0 class) at Le Mans in 1970
Minichamps - 400706540 (diecast)

Published 10/27/18

When Porsche was founded, the new company had a contract to handle part of the developmental work for Volkswagen. In the late 1960s, both Porsche and VW needed a new entry level sportscar. So to honor the old development contract, Porsche would develop cars for both. The 914/4, with a flat-4 engine would be for VW and the 914/6, with a flat-6, would be for Porsche. However, VW backed out of the deal, and Porsche inherited both projects and went ahead with the production of both. The 914/6 was a lot more expensive than the 914/4, with a price close to the 911S. Because of the poor sales, Porsche discontinued the 914/6 with just 3351 units produced. The 914/4, on the other hand, was produced from 1969 to 1976, with over 118000 units sold.

The weirdest Porsche ever?

At the time, Porsche was already very serious about racing. So when the 914 came out, a racing version of the car would be necessary. Working with a 914/6, the engineering department created the 914/6 GT, the racing version of the 914. The 914/6 GT used the street version’s flat-6 with 1991 cm³ and SOHC, producing around 200 hp. But it also got a stiffer chassis, upgraded brakes and lighter body, everything necessary for endurance racing. The Sonauto team, with Porsche factory support, enrolled chassis #914 043 1020 for the 24 Heures du Mans of 1970. Amazingly, car #40 finished 6th overall and first in class, only preceded by prototypes.

914/6 GT
If you’re gonna have ONE Yucky, this is it.

I have to admit I always hated the 914. In my opinion it’s the most ugly car to ever sport the Porsche badge. The Yucky – that’s how I usually refer to it. But to come in 6th place at La Sarthe means that the car can’t be that bad… I won’t go as far as saying that now I like the thing, but I will say it’s interesting. That change of heart is partially because of Minichamps, that made a VERY nice model in 1:43. So if you’re gonna have only one Yucky in your collection, this is the one to get.

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