Porsche 911S – Schuco

1970 Porsche 911S 
Schuco - 450363600 (diecast)

Published 06/26/17

The 911S D series was the replacement to the C series of 1969, and was produced from 1970 to 1971. On the D series the engine was the same air-cooled boxer-6 cylinders of the previous year but enlarged to 2195 cm3, with an output of 180 hp. It also had a five-speed manual transmission and independent front and rear suspension. This particular 911S in “Slate Gray” is a special one, because the owner was one Steve McQueen. In fact, it prominently appeared in the beginning of 1971’s Le Mans film.

Simple and elegant, a perfect example of the 911s “of old”.

Solar Productions, McQueen’s film company, bought the car on June 1970. It came loaded with extras, including rare factory-installed air-conditioning, muffler apron, tinted glass, a Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio, the Comfort Group (that includes leather upholstery and other interior upgrades) and front fog lamps with the then mandatory yellow lenses for French cars. While filming Le Mans , McQueen used the car daily. And after he finished the production, he shipped it to his home in California. Right after that he swapped the French yellow headlights. Interestingly, back at home he already had a 1969 911S also in Slate Gray, a color very common among his many Porsches.

Schuco almost nailed it…

In August 2011 the car went on auction. It sold for US$ 1.375 million, setting at the time, a new record for the price of a 911. I “needed” an older 911 for the passenger wing of the Garage. So when I found out that the car used by Steve McQueen in Le Mans was available in 1:43, I didn’t think twice. This car here, along with the 917K, is basically two of the three cars that started my love affair with Porsche. Overall a VERY nice model from Schuco. In fact, in terms of diecast model it’s probably one of the best I have, without a doubt.

BUT, it’s wrong 😣. On the film, the car had a sunroof, so Schuco almost nailed it. In the end, a terrific model, and a very (VERY) nice 911S in 1:43. But NOT the one that Michael Delaney drove in “Le Mans”. Shame.

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