Porsche 911 GT2 RS/935 – Minichamps

GT2 RS/935
2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS/935
Minichamps - WAP0209020K (resin)

Published 05/10/19

If you ask a Porsche fan what was the greatest race car, he will probably choose one of three options. He will say it was either the 917K, the 935 or the 956/962. But the first “race car for the masses” was the 935. The Porsche 935 was the archetypal privateer car, raced all over the world from local events to Le Mans. Production ran from 1976 to 1981, and Zuffenhausen fabricated around 70 cars. In the late 70’s it was one of the best race cars for a privateer, since it was reliable, fast and highly adaptable. Adding all that up and it’s incredible track record, it’s no wonder that it has so many fans.

GT2 RS/935
I confess that at first I had a hard time seeing a GT2 in there.

In 2018 Porsche celebrated its 70th anniversary. And what’s the best way for a car manufacturer to celebrate? Release a special edition model, of course. So Porsche chose the 935. Not a new 935, but a special edition of the 911 GT2 RS that looks a lot like the old 935. However, despite the similar looks, in terms of performance, the venerable 935 would have a hard time keeping up. The engine is the same one used in the GT2 RS, a twin-turbo 3.8 flat-six that delivers 700 hp. It also uses the same seven-speed PDK transmission, the Porsche Stability Management, traction control and ABS brakes. Resuming, the new car is not just more powerful but a lot more safer and easier to drive than the original.

GT2 RS/935
Maybe the most striking view of the car is from behind.

In terms of looks, Porsche strived to make the homage look particularly like the 935/78, the famous Moby Dick. The new GT2 RS/935 may resemble Moby Dick, but it’s a totally modern car, with top notch aerodynamics and chassis. Porsche created a modern-day track car, or as how they call it, the “perfect car for club sport events”. You can watch here a five minute video where the idea behind the new 935 is explained. The car is an exclusive track weapon, and is not road-legal. Only 77 will be produced, with a price of 701,948 Euro. Pay up and you should get yours by June 2019.

GT2 RS/935
What was and what is – okay, not a race car per se, but just as cool.

As absurd as this may sound, the GT2 RS/935 is even more mental than the base car. Designed without any road legalities or race restrictions, Zuffenhausen went to town with it. Being blunt, it’s just a track toy, but what a toy. The car debuted at the 2018 Rennsport Reunion and I was really hoping Minichamps or Spark offered one in 1:43. I got my wish, but unfortunately though, this is another dealer edition model. So just as the 919 Evo, this was not easy to obtain. BUT, my good friend the Earl of Northumberland has some solid contacts at Porsche and he scored me both. I’m very happy that he did, because these are striking models.

If you see that on your rear-view mirror, step aside.

All hail the Earl! 🤴

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