Lola B08/80 #30 – Spark

2009 Lola B08/80
Pilots: A. Piccini, M. Bobbi, T. Biagi
Team: Racing Box SRL
Race: DNF (LMP2 class) at Le Mans in 2009
Spark - S1447 (resin)

Published 07/22/18

The Lola B08/80 was introduced in 2009, and was a lighter version of the LMP1 B08/60 developed in late 2006. It was a smaller version of the B08/60, optimized for the smaller engines and lighter weight of the LMP2 class. Basically, the difference was that it had a slightly shorter wheelbase and a simpler rear suspension. So Lola could use one project to develop two cars with minor differences. And that’s what they did.

To me this looks like something that was made for one thing only: speed.

Like it’s big brother, the B08/80 also came with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis with double wishbone suspension, front and rear. Stopping duties was the responsibility of carbon fiber Brembo brakes on all corners, enough for the car’s svelte 825 kg. The engine used was a Judd V8. With a displacement of 3397 cm³ and with DOHC and 32 valves, it produced up to 470 hp. To control the cavalry it counted on a Lola HT 6-speed semi-automatic and sequential gearbox.

Though not the cheapest brand (far from that), it’s unavoidable to see Spark as the benchmark for 1:43 models. And for good reason.

At the 2009 24 Heures du Mans, Racing Box enrolled two cars for the race, but only one actually raced. Unhappily, this B08/80 #30 (chassis #B0980-HU04) had to abandon the race on lap 203. Only Spark offers a Le Mans version of the B08/80, and as always, does a great job in representing the car in 1:43. Ever since I got my first B10/60 last year, I developed a taste for these Lolas. Well, the fact that I always was a big fan of closed-cockpit prototypes might also be factor… Consequently, even though #30 here doesn’t have a very expressive race history, it’s a model I was very happy to get.

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