Lola B10/60 #13 – Ixo

2010 Lola B10/60
Pilots: A. Belicchi, G. Smith, J-C. Boullion
Team: Rebellion Racing
Race: DNF (class LMP1) at Le Mans in 2010
Ixo - LMM 202 (diecast)

Published 05/26/17

Around 2007 ACO announced that for 2010 all LMP1 cars at Le Mans had to be closed-cockpits. For this reason Lola Cars International decided to develop a new closed-cockpit car from the start. Their new car, the B10/60, was a Le Mans prototype built as a direct evolution of the 2006 B08/60. Furthermore, the idea was to sell the cars to privateer teams. The engine was from Judd (GV5.5), a V10 with 5496 cm³, 20 valves and DOHC. With the car only weighing 900 kg and the GV5.5 delivering a respectable 650 hp, thus the B10/60 was pretty fast.

B10/60 #13
The B10/60 #13 is perfect proof that the current models from Ixo have a fantastic bang-for-the-buck.

For the 2010 24 Heures du Mans Rebellion Racing bought two chassis from Lola, powered by Judd engines. Painted in their traditional white, red and gold livery, their cars were B10/60 #12 and #13. Unfortunately however, car #13 (chassis #B0860-HU01) had to abandon the race on it’s 143rd lap because of mechanical problems. In like manner, the #12 sister car didn’t do much better, and retired a little later, after just 175 laps with a broken gearbox.

B10/60 #13
Just look at that! BEAUTIFUL! Even though offering a top-notch paint job like this, Ixo is one of the so-called “budget brands”.

In 1:43 it’s a truly beautiful model, possibly one of the best from Ixo. The first thing that catches your eye is the gold paint around the cockpit – absolutely stunning! Thus, I would dare say this B10/60 #13 is one of those models every race car collector has to have. Just because the thing is so good looking, independent of race theme. And above all, being from Ixo, it’s not expensive. To the point that I’m seriously thinking about getting the #12 sister car…

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