FINALLY! Forza Motorsport

It’s here!!! Finally! After too many many years, the new Forza game is out. The last one, Forza 7, came out in 2017, and only today a new version of the franchise became available. However, now it’s called Forza Motorsport, and is optimized for the lasted generation of X-Box consoles (Series S & X). I love so much the Forza series that for the first time I bought the premium edition. That entitles me to an early release (the regular game will only come out on October 10) and a bunch of cars and in-game cash to spend on cars.

I barley had time to play it, just the introductory race, so I can’t say yet how good the game is. It does look fantastically pretty though, and looks like race mechanics are better than Forza 7. However, it looks to be quite different from the previous games, since it looks like now you have to “develop” the car. From what I understood, you have to race each car so that you’re able to make upgrades to it. Not sure how that will work out, so let’s see.

What I am sure is that this weekend we’ll have LOTS of virtual racing around here 😋😋😋.

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