The good, the bad and the best

I’m confident very few here recognize this poster. Heck, I think even fewer actually watched that film… Though I can’t say I watched it when it first came out (1966 – I wasn’t born yet), I watched it in the 80s. And I loved it – one of the best “spaghetti westerns”, a film genre that is long gone. However, I doubt that modern audiences will like it very much. Too “slow” for today’s movie standards.

But what the boogers does a 1960’s western has to do with 1:43 model cars?!? Well, other than the somewhat similar title, not much 😁. However, the title is pretty close to what I found out when I compared three 550 GTS Maranello models. Three models from three different brands with three different detail levels. What I concluded was not what you would normally expect