How you build a vintage 356 Carrera Speedster Zagato nowadays

Stumbled upon this video on Petrolicious last night. Zagato has just created what they call the “Sanction Lost” program. The Sanction Lost initiative was created to celebrate the studio’s 100th anniversary. The idea is to recreate some of the design firm’s “lost” projects. The cars will be produced in a very limited form, and all hand-made, using period correct techniques and materials.

The Zagato 356 Carrera Speedster was a one-off produced in 1957, that was destroyed in a race accident not long after it was delivered. Because of it’s beautiful lines, this will be the first of the Sanction Lost cars. With the official blessing from Porsche, only nine will be produced, all spoken for.

I know it’s a cliché, but to me this car is poetry in motion.

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