The Birdcage

The Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage. A sui geniris car, and very possibly one of the three coolest cars ever to come from Maserati. From a time when it was still possible to make good race cars on a budget. This is one I’ll have to get for the W143 garage.

A very cool 9’42” video from Petrolicious. In fact, if you’re a gearhead (or more properly in this case, a petrolhead) you sure will find some cool and interesting stuff to see there.

2 thoughts on “The Birdcage”

  1. According to Nick Mason , him of Pink Floyd fame , the Birdcage is the purest and most finely balanced race car ever built.
    He obviously hasnt driven a Porsche LOL

  2. Not only has driven but also had a few.
    But everyone says that the T60 and T61 were incredibly nice to drive.

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