The studio

One of the BIG pluses about 1:43 is that they’re very easy to shoot. I do it in my veranda, where I get a lot of natural light. Than it’s just a matter of setting the backdrop, putting the camera (old Nikon D90) on a tripod, setting for aperture mode and using a remote trigger.

The end results are pretty good IMO, or at least good enough to show a car. I obviously could get better results using a light box, but that would compromise the use of dioramas and backdrops.

And changing pavement and backdrops is a great way to keep the shots interesting. AND for very cheap. So for a totally unprofessional setup I think it works just fine for me .

2 thoughts on “The studio”

  1. Awesome cars to use to show your outdoor photo boot.

    Great little setup and you are right,
    As the photos look great with the back drops.

    1. Mike, dude, good to see you around! It’s more like an “almost outdoor studio”, since my work space is in the veranda. Though before I had the back-drops and “dioramas” Iworked really outside, at the solarium. And remember that car? Back in the PS2 GT4 days? 🙂

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