Talbot-Lago T26C GS #5 – Ixo

1950 Talbot-Lago T26C GS 
Pilots: L. Rosier, J-L. Rosier
Team: Louis Rosier
Race: 1st GC (S 4.5 class) at Le Mans in 1950
Ixo - LM 1950 (diecast)

Published 09/04/18

Talbot-Lago T26GS #9 (08/11/18):
Automobiles Talbot S.A. was founded in 1896 in the outskirts of Paris. In 1932 Antonio Lago bought the company and changed the name to Talbot-Lago. By the end of the decade and after the war, the brand was producing big luxury sedans and also race cars. The T26C was released in 1948, and was a single-seater racing car for GP racing. The engine was an inline-6 with 4483 cm³ and DOHC, initially developed for the Record sedan of 1946. It counted on a four speed Wilson pre-selector gearbox and delivered around 190 hp. The chassis was a steel box section, with basically.the same construction that the brand used in its pre-war cars.

The rules at Le Mans didn’t allow GP cars with their open wheels, so for the T26C to participate, it received fenders. This new car, basically the same C model but with fenders, was called T26C GS.

Though not metal (photo-etched), pretty good wire wheels.

In the 24 Heures du Mans of 1950 three Talbot-Lago cars started, one T26C GS, one T26 GS and one GS Coupe. All three were privateers, and the T26C GS #5 was a father-son team Louis and Jean-Louis Rosier. Car #5 started up front in second place, and through the whole race didn’t fall back farther than 3rd. And that’s even after the senior Rosier hit an owl on Sunday morning, shattering his windshield and giving him a black eye. According to the Le Mans’ folklore, Jean-Louise only drove two laps, while is father did the heavy lifting. In reality they shared equally the driving duty, and in the end were the first and only father & son to ever win Le Mans.

Pretty nice model, but Bizarre’s the best.

I was quite curious how T26C GS #5 here would compare to Bizarre’s model. Maybe you can’t see from the pics, but Bizarre’s model is quite better. Ixo’s car is not bad, far from that, but Bizarre’s is really better. So if you’re serious about your Talbots, I would suggest going after Spark’s version of this winner.

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