Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #9 – Spark

2009 Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
Pilots: . Wurz, D. Brabham, M. Guiné
Team: Peugeot Sport Total
Race: 1st GC (LMP1 class) at Le Mans in 2009
Spark - 43LM09 (resin)

Published 01/05/19

Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #8 (09/23/17):
The 908 was Peugeot’s first sport prototype since the 905 of 1993. Development began in 2005, and the project focused on racing at Le Mans. In 2006 ACO changed the rules, and as a result closed cockpit designs became attractive to manufacturers. Accordingly, the 908 started as a coupe with a carbon fiber monocoque body to offer better rigidity. And, as a big bonus, lower weight – the car only weighed 925 kg. The engine was a turbo-diesel V12 with 5496 cm³ of displacement, DOHC and 48 valves, turbo-charged by two Garrett turbines, that could produce 700 hp. Being a diesel, the exhaust fumes go through particulate filters to extensively lower emissions and silence the engine.

In spite of being okay with the shark fin on LMP1 cars, they do look better without them.

The 908’s first race at La Sarthe was in 2007, but it managed a great second place. In 2008 another 2nd place, once again beaten by Audi’s R10. But the 24 Heures du Mans of 2009 finally belonged to Peugeot. The Peugeot 908 #9 (chassis #6) crossed the line in 1st place, followed by car #8 (chassis #6).  Subsequently, the next year none of the 908s finished, but in 2011 the 908 managed second, third, fourth and fifth. However, that was the last year of a LMP1 Peugeot – the manufacturer was out of prototype racing.

The chromed roof and the wrong headlights kills the Altaya for me. Certainly NOT good enough for a winner.

In addition to the car being a winner, this model is an upgrade from my previous Altaya version. The Altaya wasn’t a terrible model, but the silver and not chromed cockpit bugged the hell out of me. Besides, the headlights are also wrong. In short, a Le Mans winner with all that wrong? I’m definitively not someone that only demands utter perfection, but those details are big. Consequently the model begged for an upgrade – even though it took a while, I did it. Spark’s version is not terribly expensive, so if you’re looking for this model, go the Spark route.

So now only three or four more needing upgrade. Slowly I’m getting there….

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