Peugeot 908 HDi FAP #9 – Altaya

908 HDi FAP #92009 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP
Pilots: A. Wurz, D. Brabham, M. Guiné
Team: Peugeot Sport Total
Race: 1st overall (class LMP1) at Le Mans in 2009
Altaya - PV 01 (diecast)

Published: 05/29/17

Peugeot started developing the 908 HDi FAP in 2006, and it would be the first closed-cockpit at La Sarthe since the Bentley Speed 8 of 2003. The engine was a 5496 cm³ diesel V12 with 48 valves and DOHC twin turbocharged by a Garrett unit. The raw 700 hp (some say over 730 hp) produced were transmitted to the rear axle by a six-speed electro-pneumatic sequential gearbox from Ricardo. The 908 debuted at La Sarthe in 2007, and managed a great 2nd place. In 2008 another 2nd place, once again beaten by Audi with the R10.

908 HDi FAP #9

A win at Le Mans finally came in 2009, with car #9 (chassis #6) crossing the line in 1st place, followed by #8 (chassis #6). This is another model that was advertised as an “Ixo Altaya” by C-K Models but what I got was an Altaya :roll:. The worse part is that they have 908s from Altaya and from Ixo, properly described, so why the hell not describe this as what it is? This 908 HDi FAP #9 is not a bad model, not at all, but not even close to Lola or Pescarolo-good.

01/05/19: The W-143 Garage now has a better version of this model.