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Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 transporter 1934 - Premium Classixxs
1934 Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 transporter (1934-1939) 
Premium Classixxs - B66041023 (diecast) 

Published 07/07/18

Produced at Mercedes-Benz’ plant in Gaggenau, Germany, the Laskraftwagen (“truck”) LO 2750 was produced from 1932 to 1936, and was a light truck for general duty. Able to carry a payload of up to 2750 kg, it proved to be a commercial success, with over 3500 made, and it’s chassis could be used both for trucks and buses – that’s why it’s designated “LO” (Lastwagen Omnibusse), German for truck and bus. The truck used the OM65, a very sturdy 5.0 liter inline-4 diesel engine, that produced around 65 hp.

Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 transporter 1934 - Premium Classixxs
Simple and beautiful “livery”.

With the creation of the Mercedes-Benz Rennabteilung (“Mercedes-Benz Racing Department”) and the development of the Silberpfeile, Mercedes needed a transporter to haul their race cars all around Europe. The LO 2750 was a very good option for that use. It was very reliable and permitted the rear bed to be lowered further below the level of the rear wheel arches. And that made the loading process of the Silver Arrows on to the bed much easier.

Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 transporter 1934 - Premium Classixxs
All ready…

From 1934 onward the Rennabteilung counted on at least seven LO 2750 as transporters. All painted in blue and white with a big MERCEDES-BENZ Rennabteilung printed in bold on the sides. Unfortunately though, none of these trucks survived the war. That’s because the military requested basically all German trucks for military use by the Wehrmacht during World War II.

Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 transporter 1934 - Premium Classixxs
…and up you go.

But in 2009, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center resurrected a racing transporter according to the old pattern. The project was to mark the 75th anniversary of the first race of the Silberpfeile from Stuttgart (at the VIII ADAC Eifelrennen at Nürburgring, on June 3rd, 1934). Since there are no more blueprints for the truck, the restoration team relied on old archived photos. If you visit the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart you can see the recreated version of the transporter. Interestingly, the truck is actually shorter than the original ones were, and uses a gasoline engine.

Looks like a truck with a spaceship on the bed.

The LO 2750 extensively transported Silver Arrows from 1934 to 1935. That means it carried all of Mercedes’ Silberpfeile – W25, W125, W154 and W165, and of course, all the Rekordwagen. Though I had a really tough time gathering information about the real truck, in model form it’s basically friggentastic. Premium Classixxs did a fantastic job in 143rd scale. I was a bit worried that this would be like the MAN 635 from Schuco (“very nice but absurdly fragile”). But it’s more like my two MB 0317, also from Premium Classixxs (“very nice and sturdy”). AND, to make it even better, this is a very special model for me. It was a birthday present from my dear better half.

Yep, my wife rocks.

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