MAN 635 L1 – Schuco

1960 MAN 635 L1
Schuco - 450894400 (resin)

Published 07/04/17

With racing cars getting bigger (longer), and the racing team consisting of two to three cars, at the end of the 50’s Porsche was in need of a larger transporter. At the time Ferrari and Maserati were using a Fiat Bartoletti to carry their cars, and that’s what Porsche based their design on. So Porsche went to MAN and bought a basic 635 chassis. They extended the cab to provide space for an additional seat, the front part of the rear deck was replaced by a large metal storage box for parts and an elevated deck was installed to carry two additional cars.

Schuco went overboard in terms of details.

This specific 635 was the L1 version, produced from 1959 to 1962. Porsche used it through the 60’s, and it basically carried the 718, 904, Carrera 6, 908 and 910.

Quite different from current semi-trucks we’re used to seeing today.

The 635 came with a 7 l inline-6 diesel engine, that produced 135 hp. Out of the MAN factory, the stock D0836 M2 engine permitted the truck to carry up to 6600 kg of payload, and the truck had a curb weight of 4400 kg.

It could carry up to three cars.

A fantastic model, very well made and superbly detailed, that looks frigintastic with the complementary cars on the bed. Not that I have many trucks to compare it with (two is far from many), but this is the best one by far! However, I have a certain, let’s say, history with this truck. This is in fact, the second 635 I buy, because the first one arrived like this:

When I received the box i heard that infamous rattle inside.
And when I opened it, my fears were confirmed.

You can bet that I was absolutely heartbroken to see such a fine model in a deplorable state like that. Fortunately the German seller was outstanding and I got a full refund when I showed him those pics. So after this ordeal I was VERY anxious about this second one, but it arrived in pristine condition!

One of my best detailed models, for sure.

As you can see, the MAN 635 is a fantastic model. But what if I said it was too good? Why? Because the frigging thing is TOO FRAGILE! It’s from Schuco’s “Pro.R43” line, which means it’s resin and with an outstanding detail level. And because of that it may break even if you stare at it too hard. I managed to snap a wing mirror trying to get it off the plinth. No, I’m not a (total) klutz, I was paying attention, but the thing is too darn delicate. Thankfully it was an easy fix though, but still… After that I understood why it was such a PITA to get the acrylic lid off. Maybe you’re not supposed to touch it? After the photo shoot the truck is now back in the display case on and will stay there. For ever.


It’s a VERY nice model, but just not one you can handle and/or examine, even if being very careful. The opposite of my O317. What a shame.

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