Lotus T128 #32 – Spark

2013 Lotus T128 
Pilots: T. Holzer, D. Kraihamer, J. Charouz
Team: Lotus
Race: DNF (LMP2 class) at Le Mans in 2013
Spark - S3752 (resin)

Published 06/30/17

The T128 was specifically developed as a Le Mans prototype, co-developed and built in Germany by the engineering firm Adess AG and the Kodewa racing team. For the 24 Heures du Mans of 2013 two cars were entered in the LMP2 category by Kodewa under the Lotus sponsorship title. So in reality there is some debate if the T128 is really a Lotus car or not. To make things even more confusing, the engine was a Praga-Judd HK V8 with 3592 cm³, 32 valves and DOHC. While initially intended as an LMP2 car, the chassis was built to LMP1 safety standards so that it could also be used in a LMP1 car and therefore broadening the market possibilities of the design.

Black & gold – reminds me of the Lotus JPS F1 cars. We don’t seem to get many black race cars nowadays.

The Lotus team had two T128 at La Sarthe in 2013. However, neither of the them finished the race. Car #32 here abandoned on lap 219. And worse of all, after the race erupted a legal dispute between the Kodewa team and Adess AG. The engineering firm alleged that there were significant unpaid bills relating to the car’s creation and construction. With that, court orders determined the seizure of car parts. Despite the disappointing race results and the bothersome history, the model is undoubtedly beautiful. The detail level is on par with current Spark offerings and the paint job is terrific. So, a model that isn’t historically important but is downright sexy.

2 thoughts on “Lotus T128 #32 – Spark”

  1. Have a nice day, this car was incredibly beautiful, I was lucky enough to see it in 2013 with my own eyes in Lemans.
    If any of the collectors have this model for sale, I will be happy to buy it.
    Have a nice time, bobator13@gmail.com

    1. Indeed, it’s GORGEOUS!
      Unfortunately though, it’s also a rare beast to find for sale. Nonetheless, keep an eye on eBay.


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