Lola B08/60 #13 – Spark

2008 Lola B08/60
Pilots: A. Belicchi, N. Jaani, N. Prost
Team: Speedy Racing Team Sebah
Race: 14th GC (12th LMP1 class) at Le Mans in 2009
Spark - S1440 (resin) 

Published 07/12/19

Traditionally, Lola Cars International always built open-cockpit racers. Their first closed-cockpit prototype only came by in 1992, the T92/10. Even so, they continued with open-cockpit cars. But in 2006, their designs changed. Following Peugeot’s 908 and ACO’s announcement of a rule change for 2010, they started developing the B08/60. These new rules would allow closed-cockpit cars in the LMP1 class from 2010 onward. Therefor, the B08/60 would be the first of Lola’s future closed-cockpit projects. And to maximize their return, concurrently with the B08/60, Lola also developed the B08/80, for LMP2. Both cars had a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, but engines varied for the LMP1 car. Privateers could choose engines from Aston Martin, Judd, Toyota or Mazda, but always with an X-Trac 6-speed gearbox.

I absolutely love the LMP1 cars from this era.

Beginning in 2008, Switzerland’s Speedy Racing Team Sebah was a partnership between Speedy Racing and Sebah Automotive. In 2008 they ran one Lola coupe in the LMP2 category through the whole Le Mans Series and at the 24 Heures du Mans. With the good results in the season, for 2009 they were back with two cars, one in each LMP2 and LMP1 classes. For LMP1 they bought a B08/60 (chassis #HU01) powered by an Aston Martin engine. The engine, from the DBR9, was a V12 at 60° with 48 valves and displacing 5993 cm³. Though a solid car in a solid team, car #13 only managed a 14th place overall.

Three generations of Rebellion cars.

By 2010, Speedy Racing Team Sebah became Rebellion Racing, and officially adopted the red, white and gold colors. With that, this one is kind of a prequel to my Rebellion Lolas. In scale, it’s your normal Spark, with a terrific detail level, so definitively a nice buy. Kind of by accident I amassed a few of the modern Lolas, and this is my third. Consequently, I still need the B11 and B12 models. And, of course, all the old ones…

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