Koenigsegg CC8S – Ixo

2002 Koenigsegg CC8S 
Ixo - MOC111 (diecast)

Published 07/16/18

The CC8S was Koenigsegg’s first production car. It is a mid-engine sports car based on the CC prototype, and it took eight years of research and development to be ready. Despite limited resources, the chassis, suspension, brakes, and several other components were all designed in-house at Ängelholm. The pre-production car debuted to the general public at the 2000 Paris Auto Show, with great approval. The chassis is a kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber semi-monocoque. To add rigidity there was a steel subframe at the front and an aluminum subframe at the rear.

An “everyday” super car?

Aerodynamics was an important feature to the design team, and they certainly nailed it: the CC8S has an impressive Cd of just 0.30. The engine, based on a modular Ford V8 engine, was basically  re-engineered by Koenigsegg to fulfill the expected performance parameters. In the end they had a 4700 cm³ V8 with 32 valves and DOHC that with a supercharger delivered 655 hp.

Koenigsegg wanted a car was really fast for everyday use. Mission accomplished.

One interesting characteristic of the CC8S was the (carbon fiber) roof, that fits in the car’s trunk up front for stoarge. It also pioneered the most striking feature of all Koenigsegg’s cars, the dihedral actuation doors. The CC8S was produced between 2002 and 2003, and only six were made. As a result, it’s one of the rarest Koenigsegg models. Ever since I got my Regera my interest in Koenigsegg cars has been high, and when an opportunity showed up for acquiring this CC8S it was a fast decision. Obviously not as good as my SophieArt specimen (far from it), but a very decent effort from Ixo. Interestingly this is my first passenger car from them, and it’s almost as good as their recent race cars.

Though much more sophisticated, from this angle you can see where the Regera came from.

The CC8S is not a fantastic model, however without a doubt it is a really “honest model”. Factor in price and you have a good buy.

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