Jaguar D-Type #6 – pw

1955 Jaguar D-Type 
Pilots: N. Sanderson, R. Flockhart
Team: Ecurie Ecosse
Race: 1st GC (P class) at Le Mans in 1955
pw (Del Prado) - ?

Published 03/19/17

Another pw model from Del Prado, in the same series as the GT Mk. II. Though I would always take a Mk. II over a D-Type, in 1:43 I think this Jag is a little better. And, the D-Type #6 is a Le Mans winner, so basically a must buy.

Okay for the money, but end the end, cheap.

Definitively the D-Type #6 is not total a piece of junk, but shabby. Overall lines of the model look okay, and the wheels aren’t too bad. What I really didn’t like was the color, that in my eyes is a bit too light for what I expect to be BRG. But for the price…

04/22/19: The W-143 Garage now has a better version of this model.