Ford GT Mk. II #2 – pw

Ford GT Mk. II #21966 Ford GT Mk. II
Pilots: B. McLaren, C. Amon
Team: Shelby American Inc
Race: 1st GC (P class) at Le Mans in 1966
pw (Del Prado) - ? (diecast)

Published: 03/18/17

A PW model, and this time it shows it’s pedigree. Or lack of. Del Prado is a local publisher that once in awhile releases a series of magazines with 1:43 diecast. Dirt cheap, with a very shabby information card about the real deal and, as expected, a poor model. I don’t have the foggiest idea about who actually makes the model, but I doubt it’s from one of the well-recognized brands. From a distance the Mk. II (almost) looks the part, but once you get up close you can see the poor paint job and rough detailing.

Ford GT Mk. II #2

For the price this Ford GT Mk. II #2 is a good buy, but a model that probably will be swapped for something better in the future. The first Ford to win in La Sarthe needs to be better represented in my collection, IMHO. But for now it will be a place holder in my future display cabinet.

11/23/18: The W-143 Garage now has a better version of this model.