Ferrari 250 TRI 61 #10 – pw

1961 Ferrari 250 TRI 61 
Pilots: O. Gendebien, P. Hill 
Team: Scuderia Ferrari 
Race: 1st overall (S3000 class) at Le Mans in 1961 
pw (Eaglemoss) - ? (diecast) 

Published 03/23/17

The world first saw the Testa Rossa 250 (TR 250) in the end of the 1957 racing season. The TR 250 only came to be because of FIA’s new rules announcement. Staring in 1958, there would be a 3000 cm³ limit for the World Sports Car Championship. With that, Ferrari’s previous 500 TRI, became ineligible. The new car started out very well it’s racing career, even winning at La Sarthe in 1961. The TR 250 was quite reliable and proved to be a winning machine, even though Maranello’s rivals were all switching to mid-engine designs. Ferrari stubbornly persisted with front-engine cars, and though obsolete, continued to develop the TR 250 until 1961.

250 TRI
A wheel swap could make the model shine.

The 250 TRI 61, introduced for the 1961 season, had an independent suspension on the rear axles (that’s where the “I” comes from). What didn’t change was the engine, Gioacchino Colombo’s masterpiece, the Tipo 128. It was a 2953 cm³ V12 at 60º, with 24 valves and SOHC, capable of 315 hp. The chassis was also the same steel tubular space frame, however the aluminum body was more “muscular” than the previous 250 TR. At Le Mans in 1961, the 250 TRI #10 came victorious. It also has the distinction of being the last of the front-engined Ferraris to achieve an overall victory.

For the price…

Yep, Eaglemoss again. What can I do if these models are pretty nifty for a very affordable price? However, it has poorly replicated Borrani wheels (or even very poorly replicated), but all in all a passable model. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the wheels I could say that the model is okay. Well, for a pw of course.

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