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2003 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (Concept) 
Spark - S0396 (resin)

Published 08/06/17

This is the full working prototype version of the concept 8C Competizione unveiled to the public in the 60th Frankfurt International Motor Show of 2003. The actual car took a while to get into production, and the first units were sold in 2007. However, it was very similar to the prototype. The engine of the prototype model, borrowed from the Maserati 4200 Gran Turismo, was a 4244 cm³ V8 with 32 valves and DOHC, that delivered 400 hp to the ground. The production version used the same engine although it was enlarged to 4.7 l (incrementing the power output to 450 hp), and also received a few tweaks in the looks department.

8C Competizione
The wheels could be less blingy (Alfa’s fault, not Spark’s).

As I said elsewhere some time ago, this car reminds me of the small and nimble Italian coupes of the 50’s and early 60’s. From when form came first, without much considerations to aerodynamics, market placement or being environmentally correct. I first saw this car in late 2003, on a pos rag (“Quatro Rodas”) that I subscribed back then. I fell madly in love with the car surrounded by that dark gray sand (?) in the official photo shoot.

8C Competizione
When that old cliché “poetry in motion” becomes reality.

In my eyes the 8C Competizione screams elegance in a way that very few modern cars can only dream of. It’s one of the very few contemporary cars that to me truly look like poetry in motion. This is an older mold from Spark, and compared to current offerings from the brand, it can’t hide it’s age. Even so, it is a fantastically nice model of such a beautiful car. I’m not exactly the greatest of alfistas, so you won’t see me drooling over an Alfa very often. But this is so nice a car that it will do great in any passenger car collection.

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