Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 LM #8 – Ixo

1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 LM 
Pilots: R. Sommer, L. Chinetti 
Team: Raymond Sommer 
Race: 1st overall (S 3.0  class) at Le Mans in 1932 
Ixo - LM 1932 (diecast)

Published 08/01/18

Alfa Romeo created the 8C originally as a range of road, race and sports cars in the 1930s. The name 8C designates eight cylinders, and the engine, designed by Vittorio Jano, would be Alfa Romeo’s primary racing engine for the 30’s. The engine was derived from the previous 6C 1750, and was composed of two alloy four-cylinder blocks joined end-to-end with a single head, supercharged and displacing 2336 cm³. The engine was first used in the 1931 Mille Miglia and with the good results was then used on all of Alfa’s race cars.

8C 2300
Ooooh, those fenders… They give the car such a classic look – typical pre-World War II.

For the 1932 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Raymond Sommer bought an 8C 2300 (chassis #2111018) that was modified by Joseph Figoni as 2+2 seater. Together with Luigi Chinetti they came in first place overall. However, Chinetti got sick around the fourth hour of the race, and from then on Sommer did all the driving. And he still managed to come in first place. Maybe that’s why Sommer returned to La Sarthe in 1933 but partnered with Tazio Nuvolari instead (and won again…).

8C 2300
Fender fest: 1938 Delahaye + 1932 Alfa Romeo. I think the Alfa wins.

In 1:43 I have to say this 8C 2300 is a very nice model. Details are quite crisp, and the wheels look VERY good. And let’s not forget those awesome pontoon fenders . So if you add everything up, this could be Ixo’s best clunker yet.

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