Zytek Z11SN #38 – Spark

2014 Zytek Z11SN
Pilots: H. Tincknell, O. Turvey, S. Dolan
Team: Jota Sport
Race: 1st in class LMP2 (5th overall) at Le Mans in 2014
Spark - S4219 (resin)

Published 10/02/17

For 2011, in an effort to reduce costs and make prototype racing more accessible and attractive to small budget teams and developers, FIA revised the LMP2 regulations. The new rules stipulated a maximum price for major components. And, the engine used had to be based on a production unit. For the new rules, Zytek Engineering used their current 07S car and developed it into the Z11SN. The new car had a carbon fiber monocoque chassis with double wishbone suspension and was powered by Nissan’s VK45DE engine – the same power plant used on the NISMO GT-R Super GT. The VK45DE is a 4494 cm³ V8 with 32 valves and DOHC, capable of 460 hp.

Z11SN #38
Though not elaborated, the livery looks good. It works well for the Z11SN #38.

Jota Sport, a British sports car racing team, started using the ZN11SN (chassis #Z11SN-09) in 2012, and raced that same car, always with #38, until 2016, with pretty good results at European races. The best result of this car in the 24 Heures du Mans was in 2014, when it came in 5th overall and in 1st place in the LMP2 class.

2012 was the first year that the “shark fin” became compulsory in LMP2.

I can’t say precisely why, but I’m not a diehard fan of the LMP2 class… Being honest, I think I’m a bit prejudiced against the class. Well, sometimes it looks like I only have eyes for LMP1 or GT cars. Silly, I know, since there’s a LOT of blood, sweat & tears in this class. Truth be told, maybe even more than in the “corporate” classes of GT and LMP1 . And this car is a good example of this: a small budget team rubbing shoulders with the behemoths of the car industry and coming out on top.

Z11SN #38
Plastic seat belts are not gorgeous on any model, nevertheless on an open-top.

In 1:43 this Z11SN #38 is quite nice, a very good effort by Spark. Though as you can see, the cockpit isn’t exactly stellar (Ixo can do better). All in all a very nice model, but I guess it will only appeal to the Le Mans aficionados.

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